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What is Giving911?
It's a very creative concept for Charities. Here's how it works. You'll simply invite other people (potential donors), organizations and businesses to also get their own "League of Remarkable People" network. By doing so, and as they sign-up people and organizations, this produces revenues that are paid directly to the Charity. Furthermore, as the other people, organizations, and businesses get their network using the Charities affiliate URL, this helps "compound" the potential earnings for the Charity using our "22" generations royalty network. 
What do I receive as a Giving911 Supporter?
The knowledge that by paying for non-profits into Giving911™ (only $50), allows them to receive potentially HUNDREDS of dollars in network royalty donations (instead of just a one-time $50). You could also take a step further by signing up yourself, then, use your referral URL for the Charity to sign-up. In effect, doing this can make your donation a profit center. In other words, why give the Charity just a one-time $50, when paying their way into Giving911™ is far better leverage for the Charity.
Now You Can Afford to Pay Volunteers.
How does that work? You as the non-profit can pay for the volunteer to come in our platform, or, the volunteer might pay their own way in. As the volunteer helps your non-profit via their referral URL, that helps fund your organization and at the same time, generates revenue for the volunteer. Pretty cool, right?
Other Non-Profits Help Fund Your Non-Profit.
How does that work? Other non-profits that come into the program who are connected in your "22" generations network, create more revenues for YOUR non-profit. And, the same thing happens to them as well.
Giving911 Price: $50.
Contact "Support Local:" 408-222-6472
Leslie Robert Wolfe, Creator, Giving911™
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