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How Does Monetize911 Work?
Monetize911™ allows people to join the "League of Remarkable People" portfolio without cost. if you're a qualified candidate (see qualifications below), the "Grant" will place you in the "22" generation royalty network (no purchase required) portfolio. Once signed up, you can reach out and start building your business immediately. No matter which "League" package someone buys, if they're in your "22" generation network, you generate cash royalties. 
Qualifications For a Grant.
• Are you willing to "actually" work the business? This involves reaching out to contact people and organizations who could use our portfolio to help their business (or income) grow.
• Are you willing to put in the time? You should make time to work the "League of Remarkable People" portfolio. Doing so will greatly enhance your income. If you're looking to send out a couple of emails and that's it, you're in the wrong place.
• There are no financial commitments to receive the grant. Primarily, if you have a real interest in business and want to help yourself and others through dedication and hard work, welcome aboard. If you're looking for a do-nothing opportunity, again, you're in the wrong place.
Highly Recommended.
Depending on your financial situation, we highly recommend (not mandatory) that you purchase the "Office Destiny" package for only $30. The benefits and services are incredible and can greatly speed up the process of building YOUR "League of Remarkable People" business. This small purchase not only helps fund the "League," but other people in the same situation you might be in as well. Thanks!
Need "Money Today?"
This, of course, is another option as well. You may want to consider purchasing "Support Local Business Day" ($250). Why? For each one personally sold, you make $200 paid upfront in real-time while building your "League" or other business. For more information, contact your "League" representative.
If You Can Honor The Qualifications,
Then Sign-up Now!
Monetize911 Price: $0.
Contact "Support Local:" 408-222-6472
Leslie Robert Wolfe, Creator, Monetize911™
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