12X The Power of Black Friday.
12X The Power of Small Business Saturday.
12X The Power of Cyber Monday.
"When you buy from a local "mom and pop" business, you're not helping a CEO buy a new vacation home. You're helping a little girl get dance lessons, a little boy get his team jersey, helping mom and dad put food on the table, helping a veteran cover expenses, a family pay for a mortgage or a student pay for their college. Support Local Business Day will help create jobs."
Why settle for once per year, when you can have it 12 times (12X) per year?
What is Support Local Business Day?
It's where local merchants (worldwide) in "effect," can have their own Black Friday, Small Business Saturday or Cyber Monday every 3rd Thursday of the month. From this day forth, it will be known as, "Support Local Business Day" and you as a business person or organization can be part of the family.
What do I Receive as a "Supporter?"
• You'll receive ongoing consulting and information on how to improve your business.
• Additional benefits and services from your "Support Local" representative (be sure to ask).
• Additional peace of mind knowing that as a "Local Supporter," you're helping potentially thousands of other businesses through our Monetize911™ program. "Businesses Are Important" so they can create more jobs.
• You'll be an authorized "Support Local Business Day" Influencer including logos.
• Furthermore, you'll have a license to a "Support Local Business Day" announcement or event every 3rd Thursday of the month. Soon we'll have signage and other support materials available.
JUST ADDED. Make additional revenues from representing "Support Local" to other people and GET PAID upfront in real-time. If getting PAID TODAY revenues are important to you, be sure to ask your "Support Local" representative how it works.
Pricing: The price to be a "Supporter" is $250 for a year. Contact your "Support Local" representative to sign-up and find out what other benefits and services they may include or offer to help your business.
--- More to Come ---
Contact "Support Local:" 408-222-6472
Leslie Robert Wolfe, Creator, Support Local Business Day™
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