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I've got a "whale of an idea" and wish I could pitch it on shows like "shark tank" or "elevator pitch," but not only am I going up against THOUSANDS of other idea applicants (shark tank gets like 20,000 applicants) but I've also got to cover travel expenses and other stage props. How does a regular person like me even have a chance? Problem solved! with "whale of an idea," so long as you follow our SIMPLE "rules of engagement," you can qualify to be on the "whale of an idea" network.
I don't have many technical skills especially when it comes to creating slick videos, setting everything up, working on storyboards and so on. What can I do? Problem solved! When you create a "whale" show, you can do it with your cell phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Practice a couple of times and do it "live" (recorded). Remember, this is like a reality TV show. Make your pitch from the heart rather than sounding like the 6'oclock news. Now that being said, if you want to do a fancy production, you can.
What I don't like about the show "elevator pitch," is I only have one minute. I've got to pay all those expenses jut to get out there for a one-minute pitch, and, if it's not perfect, I'm toast. Problem solved! With "whale of an idea" you have up to 10-minutes "uninterrupted" time to make your presentation. And, if you mess up, you can record it again. Also, we allow you an extra one minute to leave your contact information. PLUS, any viewer can watch your "whale" episode several times (whenever they want) and are encouraged to tell others.
I'm kind of chicken when it comes to recording stuff. Problem solved! You're allowed to have a spokesperson do it for you. Also, you can do it as audio-only and use pictures if you like. In other words, it does not have to be "live."
One of the things I don't like about "pitch type" shows is there are usually 4-5 people in effect, deciding my future and in many cases, telling their "National Audience" how bad my idea is! I mean, if they're not interested, I get it. But I don't get the slamming of ideas. Problem solved! With "whale of an idea," if someone doesn't like your concept, it's in the privacy of their home and NOT with a "National Audience." The success or charm of your idea is NOT determined by the elite few, but rather, by the potential thousands of people at home watching your show.
One concern I have is once the show airs, is it pretty much over? Problem solved! We archive your show for one year and you can re-up at that time or create an updated show. Plus, you can create multiple shows if you have multiple ideas.
Besides the people that contact me directly, how can I make additional revenues to help my idea? As other people create shows and are connected to your organization through the "22" generations network, you are PAID ROYALTIES from their show via the $200 program fee. And, as an added feature, you also get royalties from people in your network who purchase other items from "The League of Remarkable People."
Once launched, our incredible viral concept (22 generations network) assures a massive audience.
We're in beta, however, you'll want to do your show ASAP to get top listing placement.
What is "Whale of an Idea?" It's an online show in a very simple format that offers guests a chance to explain their startup, product, service or business model and how they plan to scale it up "big time." Guests are also allowed to explain what they are looking for. Think of it as a quick and precise "Pitch" for startups, products, services and business models.
Then, when the show airs or is in print, viewers can contact our guests directly for more information. "Whale Of An Idea" receives NO equity in your company or percentage of any deals you acquire. "Whale Of An Idea" is virtually an unedited reality show. No scripting. No actors. Real people and NO special qualifying.
Pricing: The price to air your show is $200. Any additional shows (multiple ideas) you create are $200 each. Your program will remain on the network for one year. At that time, you can re-up or create an updated version.
Tell Viewers Exactly What You're Looking For.
People Can Help You Directly, And,
Through Our "22" Generations Network,
Thousands of People Can Still Help
Your Idea Even Without Contact!
Other people that roll down or follow you, as they create shows, royalties are paid through our generation process helping to monetize your "Whale Of An Idea."
Contact Us: 408-222-6472
Leslie Robert Wolfe, Executive Producer: Whale Of An Idea™
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